Thursday, January 29, 2009

hi from vancouver

hey! i haven't posted in. . .er. . .about 9 months or so, but now i'm living in vancouver, BC & studying at simon fraser university. i have a website!! - which is something i always wanted to do (learn the basics of how html works) & thus exciting for me, maybe more exciting than it should be. other than school-stuff, i primarily:

1. avoid bears:

2. get really happy when i see the beautiful scenery of the west coast:

3. ride the bus:

4. and, until today, hang out with my awesome boyfriend:

we USED TO ride the bus together (primary activity), play racquetball, go out to eat, watch curb your enthusiasm, play soduko and water polo and backgammon, go ice skating, go on hikes, do work at coffee shops, watch movies, make cookies, go swimming, go to hot springs, walk near lakes, sleep on floors, ride bicycles on sidewalks, celebrate halloween, go to birthday parties, hang out at the library, go grocery shopping, etcccc. . .but today he moved to seattle (temporarily). hence, spare time to update the blog - you might have noticed a suspicious correlation between blog activity and meeting him!

anyway, that's where i am, and this is iman's official introduction to the blog. he's probably the only one who will read this anyway! more later!


Ross said...

Glad to see this is back. I added this to google reader back in the day, and just thought that you were going to let it die. Hopefully, more time means that maybe I'll get an e-mail update on life at some point? I'm one to talk, though.

Also, I don't think I knew your Penn in India program was in Pune. Did we talk about that? That's where Alok is from.

Anyway, holla.

iman.ha said...

eat ice cream, jump off high diving boards, practicing farsi, make fire and smores, play basketball, play/walk/run with rubi, tell dreams to each other, make travel dreams, sk, gp and lh, etccc

theorbo said...

How did I miss this? Rubi rawks!!!

riverhealer said...

Well it's about time! "I'm so happy to hear from you via blogdom," said Uncle John.